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Let's set the scene. You're a human resources professional crafting a corporate training course for new employees, but something's missing. You've come up with dozens of pages of informative text, some very useful schematics, and a masterpiece of a slide deck. You have bullet points in all the right places. Still… something's missing.

You fear that your material will overwhelm your audience. You anticipate a lot of bored, disengaged faces in the presentation room, and you envision far more doodles than notes being made in the ample margins of your printed pages. Curriculum design may not be your specialty, but you can sense the need for more engaging content.

Reluctantly, you face facts: Your materials are as dry as dust. And your deadline is two days away! Ouch!

Or imagine this. You're working in corporate communications. Your employer, a decent-sized company with a good reputation in the local community, wants you to wrap some important information into a feel-good brochure for public consumption. You understand the objective, and you're off to a good start.

But how about that last inside page? Do you really want to put more-of-the-same text and stock images there? You're wracking your brain to think of a more creative touch.

Or suppose you're a marketing professional working on a new print advertising campaign. Your manager has shot down your first three ideas. On seeing your most recent proposal, she sighed a little. She wants eye-catching ads that beg for engagement, not just a few lines of boilerplate.

In each of these scenarios, PuzzleFast Instant Puzzle Maker may be just what you need!

With PuzzleFast, you can easily churn out custom crosswords, word searches, and other types of engaging word puzzles for use in any aspect of your organization's communications: human resources, training, PR, advertising, operations, safety and loss prevention, advocacy, etc.

Once upon a time, making a custom crossword or word search of any substance might require hours of tedious work, but that time is no more. With PuzzleFast, you can MAKE PUZZLES FAST.

PuzzleFast is a web application that runs in your browser:

If you produce any kind of communications content for a business or other organization, let PuzzleFast make your job a little easier.

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